My Wishlists for you to Spoil Me

Don't forget to add a note to your gift, otherwise I don't know from who it is and then I can't thank you.

All gifts are always personal rewarded!

Wishlist DE

My main wishlist on the German Amazon, but don't worry, you can change the language to English.

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Wishlist UK

My second most used wishlist on the United Kingdom Amazon, which is of course in English.

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Wishlist ES

My third wishlist on the Spanish Amazon, sadly only in Spanish, but works exactly the same.

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Wishlist US

My fourth wishlist on the US Amazon, but only used for things you can't find on my other wishlists.

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Fan Mail

If you would like to send me an old fashion letter, pictures to sign or surprise me with a gift ... you can send to the following address:

          Dolly Fox

          Avenida Plutarco Nº 16, Local 1 (MBE Mail Boxes Etc.), buzon 376

          29010 Malaga (Malaga)


Please keep in mind that it's not possible for me to send out free signed pictures, you can order these from me.

But I'm happy to sign pictures you send to me. Please follow these instructions:

- include a self-addressed envelop

- enough Cash to cover the postage to send it back to you, this can be USD, EUR or GBP or enough Spanish stamps*

IMPORTANT: I won't be sending things back if no money to cover postage was included!

* Please keep in mind that stamps from your own country are not valid to send something from Spain to your country!